We all love our fosters and want to find the best home for them! One where they will be able to live “happily ever after”! To help you screen the potential new parents capabilities, we are adding bellow some questions that are typically asked by some entities that are engaged in helping animals for several years (Thanks Friends of Animals – Dubai!). Naturally having a perfect questionnaire does not necessarily mean you found the forever home BUT it will help to clarify some key points that might make you more clear when it is time to hand-over your foster.

We recommend that you send these questions to the potential new owner and see what they respond. Feel free to reach out to us in case you need some help assessing the answers! (Please adjust the template as you see fit – it is only here as a starting point!)


Brief questionnaire regarding your adoption interest:

01 – What are you looking for in a Pet ?
02 – What do you most like about Pet ?
03 – What do you like least about having a Pet ?
04 – Who will be the primary caregiver of the Pet ?
05 – What is your nationality ?
06 – What is your Home Address ?
07 – What is your City ?
08 – What is your Mobile Phone ?
09 – What is your Type of Residence (e.g. villa, apartment,…) ? How many sq meters (approximately) ?
10 – How long have you lived in the country ?
11 – Does anyone have animal allergies ?
12 – Do you have a backyard or terrace ?
13 – If yes, is it enclosed ?
14 – Do you travel often ?
15 – How many times did you move house in the last 2 years ?
16 – Who will care for your pet when you travel ?
17 – Have you got Children in the house ?  How old ?
18 – Have you ever had a Pet previously ? (Please provide a brief history)
19 – Are you interested to breed your pet ?
20 – Who will look after your Pet when you are at work ?
21 – Where will your new pet be kept during the day ?
22 – Where will your new pet be kept during the night ?
23 – Can you financially afford to care for this pet ?
24 – Are you able to financially afford to ship your pet with your should you permanently have to leave the Country ?
25 – If no, what do you plan to do with your pet ?
26 – Do you have a local veterinarian ?
27 – What is your vet’s Name & Location ?
28 – Please provide any other information that may be helpful for us to know when reviewing your application