There are countless animal lovers in the world that offer their homes as temporary shelters for pets that are in difficult situations. But some of these homes are supposed to be temporary only since these “fosterers” main objective is to find a “forever home” where these pets can be loved… forever!

This site’s main goal is to make it easy for people searching for a new pet to find one! All pets listed on this site are added by the “fosterers” themselves and we have no responsibility on their claims. We will, however, monitor suspicious posts since we only want to have listed animals that are up for adoption and not animals for sale. Sometimes a small fee to cover vaccination and neutering costs might be asked from the new owner but this will be significantly less than what one would have to pay when buying a pet.

By adopting, instead of buying, you will be helping not only the animal you adopt but also the new one that the fosterer will take out of the street and foster on his place!

We would love to get your feedback so we can improve (please do it via the “About us” comments below or, if you prefer, by sending an email to )!

Please, don’t buy, adopt!


With all the restrictions on data sharing going on these days, we would like to state that we don’t and will not at any point without your prior approval, send your information details to any 3rd party.

Ah, if we send you some marketing you will be able to opt out immediately (sorry but we never asked for your opinion if you would accept any when you registered/ gave us your details)! This is not planned  but we never know since we are covering  from our pocket all the costs to keep this site running and situations can change at any time – e.g. reduction on our salaries…

Simple and no need for 300 hundred pages no one reads! But then again, this is just a site to help the animals and we never supposed to make money out of it!

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