Hello everyone,

Posting this with a heavy heart, I’m moving to Australia and where I’m going I cant take him, so I need to find this sweet, fluffy boy a home.

He’s neutered, just under 2 years old, fully litter trained (goes in his litter tray).

Is the best at binkies and zoomies, especially in the morning and evening. Will come and sit on the couch and watch movies with you. Sits at his bowl like a good boy to let you know its dinner time.
Free roaming during the day and has a pen for when its time for bed.

I will include his pen (the squares that you can put together in any formation, approx 38 pieces), litterboxes, toys, blankets, bowls and hay feeders.

Loves: Blueberries, apple treats, Parsley, amazon delivery boxes and a fuss in that sweet spot right behind his ears.
Dislikes: Broccoli.

I’ve included some pictures of him looking chilled, inquisitive and cheeky for attention.

If you would like to adopt this sweet boy please let me know. (whats app only 056 466 2084)

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