Let me be honest, i have a soft spot for Siamese cats. He will be the 4th Siamese that I’ve picked up and (to be) re-homed. Them being cross-eyed really tugs at my heart lol. Degree of ‘cross eyed’-ness depends upon each Siamese, but they all are. I frankly believe a Siamese is not a Siamese if it’s not cross eyed! BUT they have dreamy blue eyes. And it’s a wonder of nature how their fur turns darker mocha the older they get.
So judging on Caio’s shade of light brown and how his kitten teeth fell out during vet visit, he’s around 6 months old. He had his first round of vaccs and will be NEUTERED SOON. See, we don’t breed. Why produce more cats when there are cats aplenty on the streets that need homes. Cats (and dogs) are not commodities that you sell and make business out of. They’re pets and they’re family, not to be confined in cages so they make babies for you to sell. Anyway, enough rant…Caio’s up for adoption! Whatsapp Donna – 0554296214
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