(L-R) Mila, Cami, Punk

Punk’s story started with his sister Cami. Due to some injury, Cami was found dragging both her legs and her lower area was severely swollen and infected. She was tiny and didn’t look like she would last long but I fought for her treatment anyway. After a series of tests and treatment, she went over the rainbow bridge after a week. Punk was instrumental in making his sister’s last days warm, happy, and comfortable. After Punk lost his biological sister Cami, he found solace in another foster kitten Mila who also was semi paralyzed. 2 months later due to organ failure, she also went over the rainbow bridge. 🙁

I was very sad and frustrated that I couldn’t save his sisters so I vowed myself to at least have their brother saved and to give him a better life away from the street. Punk is the ultimate all around good guy. He’s friends with everyone- humans and cats- and very playful! He’s 6 months old, castrated, and vaccinated.

Adoption fee applies to cover vaccination and castration only (400aed), will be transparent with all the receipts. I’m happy to cover for his teeth extraction and treatment. I can also forfeit the adoption fee if a serious and loving home is found. Please contact me on Whatsapp 0554296214 if interested.

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