We need a temporary/forever home with an enclosed garden for this family of four please – a momcat and 3 kittens.


We rescued this family of 4 from a warehouse somewhere in Emirates bypass road. The place is literally a desert and this family plus other adult cats were at a risk of taken by pest control. Fortunately, the other cats were integrated into our colonies, all except for this family as the kittens are still too young.

The kittens are around a month old. The mom is scheduled for a spay soon.

We need a temporary home for them til the kittens grow up and be ready for adoption.

We are happy to donate for their food, we just need an urgent garden for now.

They need to be outdoors as they are not litter trained yet and they need soil to do their business.

We will not give you the full responsibility of raising this family. We only need a temporary garden for them to be safe til the kittens are old enough.

Please contact me through Whatsapp – 0554296214. My name is Donna.

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