Skittles is perfect for the BUSY furmom/dad who needs someone to snuggle with after a hard day’s work!

She is a no-fuss low-maintenance cat and is not clingy at all. Sometimes you won’t even know she’s around until food is served! hah!

She likes to be alone so no guilt when you leave her at home for long hours at work! As long as there’s constant supply of food and water. She doesn’t like other cats so she doesn’t need a playmate. She eats anything both dry and wet.

She likes warmth and snuggles so get ready to be used as a bed or a couch.

She’s 6 years old, spayed, chipped, vaccinated.

Short background: She was rescued by a lady in International City who lost her job and is now struggling to find another job and a house. It breaks her heart to be separated from her cats but she was left with no choice. All her other 6 cats have been fostered or adopted, except for Skittles.

Please whatsapp me if you’re interested – DONNA – 0554296214

ADOPTION FEE is optional. And will be paid straight to our partner clinic.

Thank you for choosing to adopt!

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