🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨 URGENT
I found this loving cat outside the front of my building in JLT panting for breath and starving hungry. I couldn’t leave her there so I have taken her in to look after her but I can’t keep her as I am moving in two weeks and have two cats of my own!!! I will take her to the vet tomorrow to get all the necessary vaccines etc. done but please can someone help her?? 😢😢😢 she’s such a friendly loving and affectionate cat. Please let me know if you can foster / provide a forever home for her!!!

She is between 1-2 months old and as soon as I picked her up and she instantly purred and cuddled me. I brought her up to my apartment and after two days of rest, food and water she has become the most loving and affectionate kitten and would make a wonderful pet!!

Please give this girl a chance, you wont regret it!!! Please email me on rhiannaclaridge95@hotmail.com or whatsapp me on 0588284775.

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