Hello! My name is Ana (short for Anarkali, the restaurant name where i was picked up) and I’m proudly a tripod!

I may be three legged but I’m not handicapped at all! I can use the litter box and i can climb high places. I am great around kids and babies too!


That’s me before

Short history about me – I was found dragging my leg and it had become very swollen and infected. Xray confirmed it had to be   removed as it was painful. The first time i met my rescuer was unforgettable for both of us (not all unforgettable moments are good though!). I caught a whiff of food from her car trunk and i got overly excited that i crossed the road without looking. She immediately ran in the middle of the road to stop the car (a 4×4 at that!) while i crouched calmly under it. Close call! Second brush with danger was when i decided to hide in a car’s engine. She knew better than to take me for a walk without a body strap, but she did so anyway! So a Dubai rescue team had to get involved plus hundreds of onlookers. I have been to adoption days but i’m always overlooked as I’m no longer a kitten and I’m not fluffy nor a breed.But hey Arabian Mau is a breed! Just that not everyone is aware of it!

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