Bob is a beautiful, gentle, sweet cat who needs a loving home. He’s the perfect pet; loving and very friendly. Bob is wonderful company (he is so perfect!!) but also fine on his own if you need to be at work all day.

Bob is approximately 3 years old, sterilized, microchipped and dewormed. Bob is kitty litter trained so ideal for an apartment or a villa

It is impossible for me to keep him due I need to leave the country permanently and I am heart broken. Bob really is a perfect cat, my lovely kitty

Something really funny about him is that he thinks he is like a dog, he runs and catch his toys and loves to be cuddled.

Please… I need a good home for him, it’s just impossible for me to keep him. PLEASE text me by whatsapp(+971567017026) if you think you can provide to Bob a home and love.
thank you

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