Do You remember the New year Kitty !! Spinneys Cat .. Aka Lila
Well, here she is … blossomed into a very pretty cat with the greatest personality.

She was found just before new year dumped in Barsha by Spinneys .. My mum found her, and when she called her she came running to her .. she knew she was a pet that was just dumped to survive on her own.

Took her to the vet, she was covered with fleas and super skinny .. she got treated, bathed, fed and now the pretty little one she is.

She’s about 6 months old, probably a British shorthair mix. Fully Vaccinated, chipped and spayed! She’s great with kids, other cats and dogs too.
She has the softest and calmest personality ever – very low profile and not a fuss at all.

Enjoys a little ball to run after, and some treats to eat! Shes a purr machine too and will bring so much love to any home.

PM if you would like to know more, or for the pre-adoption form.


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