Hatchoo was about to be surrendered to Dubai Municipality if we did not intervene. Owner is devastated to let her go but was left with no choice. He just wants Hatchoo to go to a good home who will love and keep her forever.

She is microchipped and scheduled to be neutered and renew her vaccinations soon. We will not give her away before neutering to avoid potential breeding. She is a  very sweet and calm cat- the kind who would sleep next to you and lean to get neck rubs. Ideally an only cat but may be integrated to other cats with proper introduction.

She comes with an adoption fee to cover for her spay, vaccs, treatment for ear infection, and overhead expenses.

She is spayed and is 2 years old. She is not a kitten (although she still looks like one!) . Pls whatsapp me if interested – 0554296214.


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