Ana was rescued from a restaurant in International city called Anarkali, thus the name. Her leg was badly broken (reason we wouldn’t know) and she was dragging it on the ground causing massive blister and infection. Amputation was the only way to go. She delivered 3 kittens which she was very fond and protective of until one day they were taken away from her. She hasnt eaten well since then. I vowed to give her a happy ending. There was a potential home for her in the US but didnt push through due to logistics issues. Her foster home didnt take her back after they came back from vacation. She had been to numerous adoption days but didnt get adopted. I wont give up til i find her a home that will love her unconditionally. I know someone out there has a home for a special cat like Ana. She may be 3-legged but she climbs and uses the litter box with ease.

She is neutered, vaccinated, dewormed, microchipped.

If you would like to give Ana a home (both foster or forever is welcome!) do drop me a Whatsapp msg on 0554296214.

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