Mama Chloe, and her Four boys up for adoption! Located in Abu Dhabi.

This Mama cat was a previously owned pet…most likely dumped on the streets after she was no longer a kitten. While fending for herself, she somehow managed to keep her babies alive and came looking for help!

Moon and Aspen: 3 months old, white semi fluffy fur, with amazing blue eyes. Sweet, cuddly, and playful.
Apple and Peaches: 3 months old, adorable ginger and white, also with semi fluffy fur. Energetic, funny, playful, and cuddly.
Mama Chloe: 1 year old, Turkish mix with semi long ginger fur, sweet and loving and likes to chat.

*If interested in loving these babies for at least 15-20 years, and plan on taking them with you to whatever country you might move to…get in touch with me for a meet and greet!
**because of their young age, the kittens must go in pairs.

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