Hi, my name is Frogy. No, it’s not a mistake, I’m not a froggy, I’m Frogy (just to focus on what I jumped like a froggy when my rescuer mum saw me on the street in Ajman).
I was in a terrible state, exhausted, dehydrated and limping when she saw me on the street. She brought me to vet hospitalĀ and only there realized that my condition more worse – my stomach looked big and swollen. I was diagnosed with Intestinal prolapse and Luxation of patella contracture of knee joint.
I survived on the street for a long time because I was 4-4,5 months old, but looks much smaller than my 3 siblings.
Vet gave me surgery, and within a couple of days I felt much better. My rescuer mum TNR-ed all my siblings, and released them back, but she couldn’t released me in the street. Now we’re looking for me a forever home. I grew up in a funny beauty, almost 9 months old, but still look less than my age, I have all the vaccinations, spayed, microchipped and de-wormed.
Could you adopt me?

P.S. Could you adopt me with my best friend FICUS? I know that he has already asked you about the same, and his story you can see here:

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