BARS was rescued in Al Barsha-1, Dubai.
At first sight, it looked like he had a broken hindpaw and he strange walk. In fact, it turned out that he’s also almost blind, 4 years old (presumably a mix breed) pure white cat with a massive tail and body in good condition, but completely covered with engine oil.
After vet examination the diagnosis gave me a shock! He has such a deformation of the eyelid, which occurs if the kitten was born with his eyes open. And in such a state he couldn’t survive on the street for 4 years. So, again, we have a case of cat thrown out into the street.
He also has cryptorchism (a condition in which one or both of the testes fail to descend from the abdomen into the scrotum), not castrated, no microchip.
He underwent plastic surgery for the reconstruction of the upper eyelid and was castrated (as I wrote above, he had cryptorchidism).
After some time he underwent a 2nd surgery on his eyes and have fixed a broken paw.

His full recovery is taking longer than I expected, he’s still with me, but he (as well as others) need a permanent home.
Anyone for that special guy?
BARS is 4 years old, vaccinated, microchipped, castrated and de-wormed. Good with other cats and kittens.

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